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Help with Vocal Problems

Vocal problems are generated by various causes. Apart from an insufficient vocal technique and its following problems very often stresses and strains affect the health and quality of the voice. Before starting our training it is strongly advised to get your voice examined closely by an ENT-physician. According to the results we adjust our training individually to your personal needs.

An integral mental component of our training to solving vocal problems is the hypno-systemic communication adapted after the american hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. We use the expression “hypno”, because we apply light trances, which you know already from your everyday life, for instance from waking dreams. This technique enables you to come in contact with your resources (innermost images and energy sources). So you can dissolve your blockades. We call our method “systemic”, because we consider the human being as an ordered whole with his actual problem being part of it. Very often a vocal deficit comes along with an underlying totally different problem, which has to be solved. In some cases a few sessions are sufficient for dissolving your blockades so that you can free your voice rather quickly. We consider our training as supplementation, possibly as a substitute to the work of a psychotherapist, because not every problem needs psychological therapy. Since we cooperate with psychotherapists we can figure out whether our mental training is the suitable method for you.

The second integral component of our vocal support program you find in the section of our functional vocal training. With specific exercises you will strengthen your body. You develop a powerful breathing vitalizing your body and taking the pressure off your vocal chords. The experience of my active singing enables me to provide you with a voice protecting vocal technique. As a result you can rebuild your voice very quickly so that you can match up again to the challenges in your social environment.

Head of institut: Alexandra von der Weth · 0211.9 46 87 21 ·