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Public Speaking

For all performers, especially speakers, leading personalities

By our training you develop a strong presence on stage.With a smooth and and rich vocalization you win the favour of your listeners. Your voice reaches into the most remote corner of the auditorium.

If you suffer from an error in speaking you get help by our articulation training. You will lose your shyness and be able to speak free and light-hearted in front of an audience.

In addition you learn more about the important basics of phrasing, dynamics and rhythm of a speech. This also includes a solid breathing technique. With this set of skills you will carry away your audience. Nothing will stand in the way of your career.

In my long-term experience on stage and extensive work with stage directors I have learnt how to transport through a specific mental concentration and body language the meaning of one´s speech to the public so that one will captivate the audience. This special knowledge I would love to give further to you.

Head of institut: Alexandra von der Weth · 0211.9 46 87 21 ·