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to the Institut für Stimmbildung.

We have made it our aim to support people, who are in the limelight or in leading positions to maximize their vocal potential. For singers, actors, teachers, speakers (active in politics and economy) and everybody who wants to present her-/himself in optimal vocal condition and without disturbing stage fright.

Here is our offering:

The first three components are suitable to complement each other. As a result we can adapt our offering individually to your personal needs. So we define with you together your special aims. The combination of Functional Vocal Training and Mental Training gives us also the possibility to help you extensively with vocal problems.

We also give advice how to prevent vocal and personal problems associated with these. The multidisciplinary cooperation with the ZAM enables us to provide comprehensive support for you.
You are in the focus of our attention!

In the media: Wirtschaftswoche online

Head of institut: Alexandra von der Weth · 0211.9 46 87 21 ·