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Mental Training

For singers, musicians, speakers

Overcoming anxieties, stage fright, coping with stress and exams

In our Mental Training you learn to cope with stress and anxiety and also to overcome them. Our special training is based on the hypno-systemic communication adapted after the american hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.
This technique allows you to get a quick access to your resources. Thereby you are able to dissolve your problems by yourself. This method is an highly effective instrument in dealing with stress and anxiety.
Usually you can access your resourses during a normal conversation, sometimes it is easier with the help of a light trance, which we already know from our everyday life, for example from waking dreams or being immersed in reading a book.
This kind of trance clears the focus on the solution of your actual problem. You always keep control over the whole procedure.
Very soon you will convince your public with your powerful voice or you will pass your exam brilliantly with ease.

Head of institut: Alexandra von der Weth · 0211.9 46 87 21 ·